Worst Winter In Over a Century?

Protect Your Commercial Coffee Machines This Winter

Gloved Hand Holding Coffee Cup

It’s that time of year again, the time that strikes dread into many of us – the big freeze is on its way. We’re being warned that the coldest winter in decades is expected to hit in a matter of weeks. Temperatures have already begun to plummet and forecasters are warning of ‘record breaking’ snowfall as early as November. Brutal winds and fierce blizzards are predicted to close roads and cause mayhem on the rail networks. The snowiest conditions are projected for the months of November and December, whilst experts predict that January and February will see extreme low temperatures.

Vantage Weather Services forecaster, Johnathan Powell, said: ‘We are looking at a potentially paralysing winter, the worst for decades, which could at times grind the nation to a halt. Persistent cold snaps with some very heavy snowfall are likely, and I would not be surprised if some records are not broken this year.’

Forecaster for Exacta Weather, James Madden, said it was likely to be the worst winter for more than 100 years. He said: ”A horror winter scenario is likely to bring another big freeze with copious snow for many parts. There is also a high risk that we will experience a scenario similar to December 2010 or much worse at times, especially in January. This is likely to produce major disruption to public transport and school closures on a prolific scale.”

The North is thought to be the region that will be worst affected, by what experts are earmarking as the worst winter in over a century.

As the freezing weather approaches it is important you take care of your commercial coffee machine in order to keep serving great quality coffee throughout the winter period. The colder months of the year are the perfect time to maximise on coffee sales, yet freezing temperatures can frequently lead to frozen pipes and burst water boilers, resulting in unnecessary downtime. Protecting your coffee machine against the elements is the key to a profitable winter.

It is worth considering a rijo42 cup warmer for the winter months as cup chipping can be a common problem once the temperature drops below zero.

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