Professional Coffee Machine Valets

Professional Valets for Commercial Coffee Machines

With winter well and truly setting in, it is almost certain you’ll see an increase in coffee sales. Great news! However to ensure you make the most of this heightened yearning for coffee from members of the public stepping in out of the cold, you need to ensure your commercial coffee machine is in tip top condition.

The key to serving great quality coffee and keeping customers pouring through the doors is a clean and healthy coffee machine. You wouldn’t serve food on a dirty plate so why serve drinks from a dirty coffee machine?

All commercial coffee machines need regular cleaning, and we supply all of our machines with comprehensive step-by-step daily and weekly cleaning guides to make the process as simple as possible for you. There are times however, when your coffee machine needs some expert TLC, and that’s why rijo42 offer professional coffee machine valets, to ensure your machine is in optimum condition.

rijo42 professional valets include removal and full sanitisation of your coffee machine’s internal mixer bowls, ingredients canisters, drip trays and vent extractor fans. All internal working parts are fully checked, including coin mechanisms (where applicable). Internal and external panels are cleaned and sanitised. Valets also include a filter review and full check/adjustment of all drink settings to your satisfaction with taste test. rijo42 professional machine valets are carried out by our highly skilled service team.

Make sure your commercial coffee machine delivers the best quality coffee this winter and book your professional valet today. Call 0800 023 4242 or email Alternatively please contact us online.
Professional Valets For Commercial Coffee Machines