New coffee trend: deconstructed coffee

It seems as humans we love to complicate, and new food trends are always popping up. So far we’ve had ‘breadless sandwiches’ (salads, basically) and ‘deconstructed fish and chips’ in posh restaurants (fish with crunchy nuggets of batter served on the side). Now, cafes in Melbourne have really gone too far by offering ‘deconstructed coffee’. The idea is to give customers the ability to mix their coffee exactly the way they like it. Served on a wooden paddle, if you order a coffee what you’ll get is a small glass measuring jar of espresso, one of milk and one of hot water. Oh yes, and a spoon.

So far, though, the idea isn’t proving a success globally. Although other coffee trends have taken off immediately, the deconstructed coffee, perhaps due to its lack of visual eye appeal, is falling a bit flat on social media. One coffee lover commented, ““I wanted a coffee. Not a science experiment. I prefer to drink my beverages out of crockery and not beakers.” Despite the apparent lack of support online, it seems the idea has taken off among coffee shops with others following suit. To push this trend to the extreme, soon customers will be served with a handful of raw green coffee beans, a small personal roasting machine, a coffee grinder and a brewing machine.

We say, let’s keep it simple – after all, if you’re that fussy about how you like your coffee, easier just to make it yourself in the first place! Get good quality beans, and let the taste speak for itself – no need for fads or making your customers drink out of a chemistry set.

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