New app tells you when to drink coffee for peak alertness

Most of us either have a routine or a fairly haphazard approach to our favourite drink. How many times have you heard someone say they can’t get going in the morning without a cup of coffee? You might even say that yourself. Coffee drinkers normally start off the day with a cup, then have another mid-morning when energy levels are starting to flag. They may or may not have another cup after lunch, and then it’s normally to either switch to another drink or to a decaffeinated blend in the afternoons. Soon, though, we could be taking a more scientific approach to our caffeine consumption. Over in the USA, researchers have developed an app that will calculate how much coffee you need to drink and when to drink it to achieve peak alertness. The research was done on behalf of the US army, to help personnel achieve peak efficiency.

‘Coffee app’ set to launch

Researchers have developed an algorithm and incorporated it into an app called 2B-Alert. It will soon be available to everyone, and you’ll be able to input your own data to receive a personalised ‘caffeine and sleep schedule’ which you can use to guide your future coffee-drinking habits. In addition to the US army, the app could have be applicable to anyone who works shifts or is preparing for an unusual undertaking such as exam. Researchers claim that the app can help increase alertness by up to 64%, which sounds like good news for everyone, shift workers or not!

Until then, we’re going to have to stick to drinking coffee the old-fashioned way – when we feel like it! Whose turn to put the kettle on?

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