rijo42 Mochica Connect

rijo42 Mochica Connect

The Best Traditional Espresso Machines

rijo42 Mochica Connect is the Rolls Royce of traditional espresso machines. The Mochica uses cutting edge technology enabling the barista to take complete control of the pressure profile during brewing. To ensure consistency in the beverage, once the Barista has developed the profile for a coffee it is automatically saved in the machine’s memory ensuring all operators create consistently excellent drinks.

The rijo42 Mochica Connect is equipped with two steam wands, one traditional and the Auto Steam wand for automatic, hands-free heating and frothing of large volumes of milk.

There is a wireless connection between the Mochica Connect and On Demand grinder. Using this connection, the machine and grinder can communicate quickly and easily. After every 10 shots of espresso, the machine calculates the average volume of dispensed water and compares it to the memorised “ideal” value. If there is a significant difference, the machine then sends a digital signal to the grinder, which automatically adjusts the grinding and dose. It’s very clever!

Other features include patented Smart Boiler Technology which boosts steam and hot water capacity to help meet demand for drinks at busy periods.

To book a free demonstration of the rijo42 Mochica Connect call free on 0800 023 4242 or drop us an E-mail.

rijo42 gourmet coffee beans are available to buy online at www.rijo42shop.co.uk