Merry Christmas from Rijo42

We’d like to wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas. Here at Rijo42, we’re certainly looking forward to 2015 and we hope you all have a healthy and prosperous year ahead of you. To keep you going over the Christmas break, here are a few trivia facts about coffee, everyone’s favourite drink.


  1. In Turkey, it’s tradition to serve the oldest person in the room with their coffee first.
  2. King Charles II banned coffee houses in 1675, as he thought they were meeting places for plotters against the monarchy.
  3. A cup of black coffee without milk or sugar contains no calories, which is good news if you’re trying to shed a few pounds after Christmas.
  4. ‘Kahveci’ is an Arabic and Turkish word meaning ‘coffee maker’, and is applied to someone who’s an expert in making the Turkish brew
  5. The coffee percolator was invented by British physicist Sir Benjamin Thompson at the beginning of the 19th century. The first US patent was filed by James Nason in 1865, while US farmer Hanson Goodrich patented the stove-top percolator in 1889. The first automatic espresso machine was invented in 1933 by Dr Ernest Illy.


  1. Coffee was banned in Constantinople in the 17th century, and King Murad IV introduced penalties such as beatings for anyone caught with the ‘contraband’. Over 100 years later in the mid-18th century, Sweden banned coffee and even made it illegal to have coffee making equipment. So convinced was the government that coffee was bad for the health that convicted murderers were forced to drink it as a proposed form of execution. Towards the end of the 18th century, Frederick the Great of Prussia became concerned that coffee consumption was overshadowing that of beer, the national drink, and tried to force to population to switch to beer at breakfast time.
  2. Instant coffee was first invented in 1901 by Satori Kato, a Japanese scientist working in Chicago. It quickly became popular thanks to its ease and speed of preparation and long shelf life.
  3. ‘Decaffeinated’ coffee may still contain 3% caffeine under US regulations, but only 0.01% under EU regulations.

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