Are ‘members only’ coffee shops the next big trend?

coffee-622495_640We’ve had the flat white, we’ve had the bulletproof coffee (coffee with butter) – whatever’s next in coffee land? If you run your own cafe, coffee bar or commercial coffee business, then how about this for an idea? London’s first private member coffee club, called SL28, has opened in Holloway. It costs £10 a month to join, which entitles you to all the coffee you can drink and a nice place to drink it in.

The decor is urban contemporary, and the coffee is top quality filter. The clientele are mostly professionals looking for a quiet corner to work in where the turnover of customers isn’t so distracting, and the bottomless coffee refills are an attraction too. There’s also food on offer – currently fairly basic, but there are plans to expand. Although there are few members currently signed up, the idea is apparently proving popular.

With more and more workers choosing not to work in a formal office, this might be an idea whose time has come. Many homeworkers like to reconnect with the world from time to time by working from their local coffee shop – but there’s pressure not to sit too long nursing a single cup, particularly at busy times. Unless SL28 plan to limit the time their customers spend or cap the membership numbers while increasing the membership fee, they might not make a fortune – but it’s an idea that’s very much in tune with modern work patterns and needs.

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