How to make coffee concentrate

If you love coffee as much as we do, you might like to keep it on hand constantly! Making your own coffee concentrate means you’ve got the perfect starting point, all ready to go – you can make it into iced coffee or a hot brew, almost instantly.

Coffee concentrate recipe

You’ll need a large container, such as a mixing bowl, big jug or even a new, clean bucket! You can play with the quantities of the recipe to suit the container you have.

You’ll also need 0.5kg of strong medium or coarse ground coffee, and 10 litres of water. Put everything in the container, and stir it round to make sure all the grounds are soaked. Cover the container with a clean tea towel or some cling film, put it somewhere cool and leave it to steep for at least eight hours, or up to 24. This cold brewing method gives a smoother tasting coffee with no bitter aftertaste, ideal for drinking cold.

When the steeping time is up, strain the liquid into another container through a muslin or another clean tea towel. Next, decant the coffee into clean, sterilised bottles or lidded containers, and store in the fridge for up to a month.

When you’re ready to use it to make iced coffee, just pour the desired amount into a glass (around 1/3 to 1/2 glass, depending on how strong you like it. Then, top up with cold milk or water and ice cubes. Add sugar to taste.

To drink the coffee hot, just half fill a cup with concentrate and top up with boiling water. The result – a cup of coffee that’s instantly drinkable and won’t burn your mouth!

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