Lack of baristas could prompt coffee industry ‘crisis’ post-Brexit

As a nation of coffee drinkers, Britain is becoming increasingly more sophisticated and we’re no longer content with a mug of instant brew. The industry is growing constantly to keep up with our new-found appetite, and coffee shops are having to work hard to stay ahead. New research suggests that when we do finally leave the EU, it might have repercussions for the coffee industry by prompting a ‘barista crisis’.

The UK Coffee Report has forecast that over the next four years Britain could see an extra 6,527 new coffee shops spring up all over the country. The report was compiled in partnership with The London Coffee Festival by global research platform Allegra World Coffee, who deliver trend analysis and data on the coffee industry, The sudden increase could potentially lead to a shortfall in the number of trained baristas available.

Although there are over 150,000 baristas working in Britain currently, the study says that the sharp rise in coffee shops will generate a need for around 40,000 more. As the retail coffee industry is largely reliant on workers from abroad, the report claims that Brexit could pose a problem. High street sandwich shop Pret a Manger says that only one in 50 of its applicants is British, and industry experts suggest that Brexit could have unexpected consequences on the coffee industry.

It’s an industry that’s now worth billions in the UK alone, and is growing rapidly. Experts said that while the industry growth is fantastic for the UK economy and coffee lovers alike, the potential lack of trained baristas is worrying.

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