We’re Not Just Coffee Lovers

It’s a dog’s life at rijo42

We’re not just coffee lovers at rijo42, we’re animal lovers too. We’ve had dogs at rijo42 for almost a decade now and they’re a huge part of our lives. There are two well known films which feature two different, how can I put this, ‘mischievous’ breed of dog, (Turner & Hooch and Beethoven), and we’ve had them both.

The original rijo42 dog was our gorgeous Dogue de Bordeaux, Samba.

Unlike Hooch from the Tom Hanks movie, Samba was a dream dog; impeccably behaved and extremely laid back. She’d come into the office each day, say her good mornings to the staff then snuggle up on her bed. She had a host of staff wanting to take her out for a walk on their breaks, but ever the loyal companion, Samba would only choose to go with an elite few. Samba’s biggest loves were chasing stones, swimming and being around people. She was also partial to a pig’s ear and would have a customary dance around the office whenever she was given one. She was known to snore like a freight train and drool just a tad, but was loved unconditionally by everyone at rijo all the same. We sadly lost Samba in 2011; she’s still dearly missed but definitely not forgotten.

Samba Photos

The new recruit joined us in December 2012. Our beautiful yet mischievous St Bernard puppy, Apache (named so, due to the black patch covering her left eye), is a little live wire.


Apache also visits head office most days and true to the film Beethoven, often leaves a trail of destruction in her wake. She’s only a whippersnapper at twenty weeks old though, so we’re giving her the benefit of the doubt for now. She’s a happy little soul, incredibly affectionate and unbelievably cute. She seems to grow overnight and is becoming very vocal. In contrast to Samba, Apache’s favourite past times include destroying cardboard boxes and plants, switching computers off by lying on the wires and raiding rubbish bins for the odd discarded coffee cup.


We’ll keep you posted on what she gets up to next!