Introducing The 100% Plastic Free Recyclable Eco-Cup By rijo42

We all lead busy lives so it’s natural that grabbing a coffee on the go has become so popular. However, due to a shortage of recycling points for the single-use coffee cups that coffee shops often use, a staggering 2.5bn coffee cups end up in landfill each year.

Although there has been a recent push towards compostable cups, they still need to be disposed of in dedicated organic food waste recycling bins, which you don’t see often outside of people’s homes. This makes it hard for mobile coffee drinkers to recycle their cups using public recycling bins or drop-off points in shops and cafes.

At rijo42, we regard coffee culture as something to savour and bring people together – not harm our planet – so we’re constantly striving to improve our manufacturing processes and eco-friendly credentials, to preserve our earth and reduce pollution.

Currently, our commercial coffee machines are made from 96% recyclable materials, but we won’t rest until our eco-conscious innovations hit the 100% recyclable mark.

That’s why we’re delighted to present our ground-breaking, 100% plastic-free, recyclable eco-cup.

rijo42 Eco Cuip

Our 100% plastic-free coffee cup

Constructed from plastic-free materials, our fully biodegradable cups can be disposed of in widely available paper or card waste bins. You probably see these all the time in domestic, commercial, and public settings, which means you’re much more likely to be able to recycle our cups. To make sure they’re covering all bases, our new eco-cups are also compostable as per EU Standard EN13432.

Manufactured in the UK to reduce freight emissions, the eco-cup board is sourced from sustainably managed forestry with FSC or PEFC accreditations, which gives them an incredibly small eco-footprint.

What’s more, our new eco-cups look and perform exactly like traditional plastic-lined single-use cups. The only difference is that they utilise an eco-friendly water-based barrier coating solution instead of plastic, which means they’re able to be recycled in conventional mixed paper recycling bins – just like a newspaper – instead of needing a specialist recycling facility.

The rijo42 eco-cup at a glance

  • 100% plastic-free coating (EU Single-Use Plastic Directive)
  • 100% PLA free
  • Does not create micro-plastics
  • Suitable for direct food contact (EU Reg. 1935/2004)
  • Recyclable and compatible with current UK wastepaper stream
  • FSC approved Virgin Fibre baseboard helps support a circular economy
  • Industrially compostable (EN 13432)
  • Allergen free (EU 1169/2011 and EU 78/2014)
  • Suitable for traditional and digital printing and branding
  • REACH compliant

Building a sustainable future together

As UK leaders in sustainable coffee machines and products, we’re tirelessly pursuing plastic-free manufacturing processes and energy-efficient coffee machines to make sure we’re as environmentally friendly as possible.

With your support in the efficient disposal of our plastic free eco-cups, we’re confident we can revolutionise the sustainability of single-use coffee cups in the UK together.

The only thing we care more about than coffee is the preservation of our planet.