Interesting coffee facts

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a coffee aficionado, we’ve put together a series of coffee facts – all suitable for dropping into conversation to impress your friends.

Facts about the UK coffee market

Across the globe, around two billion cups of coffee are drunk every single day. The UK drinks around 55 million cups of coffee a day. According to USA Today, the figure in America is nearer 587 million cups a day (an average of three per person). Around four fifths of the adult American population drinks coffee, and they’re the world’s biggest consumers of the drink. While we’ll always lag behind in the UK in terms of sheer volume drunk, coffee culture has exploded across the country in recent years and we’re catching up with other European markets, such as Italy.

Forty two coffee beans go into making each cup of espresso. Coffee beans are actually seeds rather than beans. The fruit itself, known as coffee cherries or berries, grows on bushes.

As a nation, our coffee tastebuds are evolving. While around 80 per cent of us still buy instant coffee to drink at home for convenience, ground coffee and coffee pods are starting to become increasingly popular and many people have both ground and instant on the shelf at home. The coffee growth is strongest amongst buyers aged 16-34, with older buyers (aged 65 and upwards) choosing to opt more for instant coffee only rather than fresh. Around 80 per cent of people who use coffee shops do so at least once a week, while a caffeine-fuelled 16 per cent visit daily.

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