Iced coffee: the ultimate summer drink

Love summer? Love coffee? Iced coffee is the perfect drink in hotter weather – refreshing, cooling and delivering that all-important caffeine kick, all in one. This summer, why not add iced coffee to your regular menu?

What is it?

Iced coffee is the grown-up version of frappuccino, which tends to be laden with sugar, cream, chocolate sprinkles and generally look more like a pudding than a cup of coffee. Iced coffee is strong, cooled espresso, poured over ice.

Iced coffee variations

Cold press coffee. This has the advantage that you can start it the night before and it’s ready-cooled in the morning. As it’s made to be drunk cold in the first place, it has a fresher flavour than coffee that’s made hot and cooled. You’ll need (per person) 75g coarsely ground coffee, 350ml cold water and milk and sugar to taste.

Put the coffee and water in a cafetiere, give it a good stir, cover it with clingfilm (no need to put the plunger on at this stage), and put it in the fridge overnight. The following day, insert the plunger and plunge to separate the grounds out. Pour the cold coffee into a glass, and add ice, milk and sugar to taste.

Espresso coffee. Make one measure of espresso coffee using your usual method, and let it cool completely. Pour it into a glass and add crushed ice to take it up to the desired level. Don’t add any extra water, as the ice will melt and dilute the coffee. Add milk and sugar to taste.

To customise your iced coffee to your personal taste, add flavoured syrups, soya or almond milk or other sweeteners such as date syrup.

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