Iced Coffee Recipe

Hazelnut Mocha Milkshake

Iced Hazelnut Mocha

A delicious and indulgent iced coffee milkshake with rich mocha flavour and hints of hazelnut. A great recipe to add to your to summer drinks menu for the warmer months of the year. Any of our commercial coffee machines will make the perfect espresso for this recipe. This iced Hazelnut Mocha is also ideal for those lazy summer days in the garden, just use your rijo42 Uno home coffee machine to make the espresso.

Ingredients – Makes 2
2 shots rijo42 espresso – cooled
200ml/6floz whole milk
100ml/4fl oz condensed milk
100ml/4fl oz double cream
100g/3½ oz good quality dark chocolate – melted
2 shots Hazelnut flavour coffee syrup or 4 tbsp chopped Hazelnuts
2 handfuls of ice
Squirty cream to top
Cocoa powder or dusting

Preparation Method
Add all ingredients with ½ the ice into a blender and blend until smooth.

Take two tall serving glasses and fill with the remaining ice. Pour the blended mixture over the ice leaving a gap of around an inch at the top of the glass. Add squirty cream to the top of each milkshake and dust with cocoa powder. Place a straw into the cream and serve immediately.

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