rijo42 Barista Skills – The Perfect Latte Macchiato

How to make a Latte Macchiato using a traditional espresso machine

rijo42 Barista Skills - The Perfect Latte Macchiato

The true definition of a Latte Macchiato is ‘spotted milk’. When prepared correctly a Latte Macchiato has a layered effect, appearing as though the steamed milk has been stained with espresso. Follow this guide to create perfect Latte Macchiatos from traditional espresso machines.

Begin by preparing espresso in an espresso shot glass following how to make the perfect espresso.

Froth the required amount of milk following how to froth milk.

Using a spatula to hold back the foam/froth, pour steamed milk into a warm latte glass until around 2/3 full. Remove the spatula and top up the glass with milk foam/froth by shaking the steaming pitcher. Alternatively, use your spatula or a spoon to add the layer of foam.

Leave the milk to settle in the glass for 20 seconds or so, then gently pour your espresso into the centre of the foam. A layer of espresso should appear just below the layer of foam.

Top your Latte Macchiato with a light dusting of rijo42 deluxe hot chocolate powder from your stainless steel chocolate shaker and serve.

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