rijo42 Barista Skills – The Perfect Cappuccino

How to make the perfect Cappuccino using a traditional espresso machine

rijo42 Barista Skills - The Perfect Cappuccino

This guide explains how to make perfect Cappuccinos every time using traditional espresso machines.

A Cappuccino is luxurious mix of gourmet espresso, hot steamed milk and velvety-smooth milk froth. The perfect Cappuccino consists of 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk and 1/3 foamed/frothed milk. As espresso forms the base for all speciality drinks, it’s imperative you master the art of making perfect espresso before moving on to other drinks such as Cappuccino. Always remember that the quality of the resulting drink will only ever be as good as it’s espresso base.

Ok, let’s get started.

Firstly, prepare the espresso in the bottom of a cappuccino cup following how to make the perfect espresso. For cups up to 10oz one shot should suffice for larger cups such as 12oz, a double shot may be required.

Add required amount of milk to steaming pitcher/milk jug and foam following how to froth milk.

Using your rijo42 milk spatula to hold back the foam, pour some steamed milk into the centre of the espresso.

Once the cup is 2/3 full, remove the spatula from the milk jug and top up the cup with foam by shaking the pitcher or alternatively, spooning foam on top. In appearance, a traditional Cappuccino has a circle of white milk foam on the surface surrounded by a hazelnut coloured rim of crema.

Dust with rijo42 deluxe hot chocolate powder from your stainless steel chocolate shaker and serve.

Please note: rijo42 recommends that crockery be heated on a cup warmer prior to preparing drinks. This ensures the beverage retains its temperature for as long as possible after serving.