rijo42 Barista Skills – The Perfect Caffe Latte

How to make the perfect Caffe Latte using a traditional espresso machine

rijo42 Barista Skills - The Perfect Caffe Latte

This guide explains how to make perfect Caffe Lattes every time using traditional espresso machines.

A Caffe Latte is a luxurious mix of espresso and hot steamed milk usually crowned with a thin layer of velvety-smooth milk froth. The perfect Caffe Latte consists of 1/3 espresso, 2/3 steamed milk and around 1cm of milk foam/froth.

Begin by preparing the espresso in the bottom of warm latte glass following how to make the perfect espresso. For cups up to 10oz use one shot of espresso for larger cups such as 12oz, a double shot may be required.

When you pour the steamed milk for a Caffe Latte use a spatula to hold back the foam as you pour. Stop pouring the steamed milk around 1cm from the top of the latte glass. Remove the spatula and top up the glass with milk foam by shaking the steaming pitcher. Alternatively, add the layer of milk foam by spooning on top. Experienced Baristas create patterns in the milk through free pouring, known as latte art.

Dust with rijo42 hot chocolate powder from your stainless steel chocolate shaker or cinnamon if desired. It’s always a good idea to check with your customer before adding any toppings.

Please note: rijo42 recommends that latte glasses be heated on a cup warmer prior to preparing drinks. This ensures the beverage retains its temperature for as long as possible after serving.