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Coffee Culture Around The World – Part Three

Coffee Culture Around The World

Welcome to the final edition of ‘Coffee Culture Around The World’, an insight into the many different ways our favourite caffeine based beverage is enjoyed all over the world.

National Coffee Drink: Café Bombon
Description: Originating in Valencia, Café Bombon is a sweet coffee drink made with equal parts of espresso and condensed milk.
Culture Tip: Typically served in a small shot-like glass to display its layers of rich dark espresso and creamy condensed milk. Espresso is usually poured into the glass very slowly, sometimes over the back of a spoon in order to keep the layers distinct.

National Coffee Drink: Café de Epices
Description: a delicious spiced brew, which can include a number of flavours including ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, sesame, black pepper, cumin, nutmeg and cloves.
Culture Tip: The sweetness of the coffee and the spices used is often dictated by occasion, at a happy occasion such as a wedding, sweet coffee is typically served. Whilst at a funeral, a bitter black brew would be offered.

National Coffee Drink: Café au Lait
Description: Typically drunk in the morning and usually served in a bowl to allow for the dunking of croissants, café au lait is made with hot (but not steamed) milk.
Culture Tip: If you prefer less milk in your coffee, ask for café noisette, which only has a dash of milk.

National Coffee Drink: Irish Coffee
Description: Reportedly invented in 1942 by Chef Joseph Sheridan, it was originally intended to warm arriving passengers to what is now Shannon Airport. Served in a stemmed glass, an Irish coffee consists of a long black coffee with a shot of Irish whiskey and topped with either floating or whipped cream.
Culture Tip: The cream should never be stirred into the coffee. The rich whiskey infused coffee should be sipped through the cold cream.

United States of America
National Coffee Drink: Frappuccino
Description: Tailored to the country’s sweet tooth, frappuccino is an endlessly customisable milkshake coffee hybrid and is synonymous with American coffee culture.
Culture Tip: Order “affogato-style” if you prefer your frappuccino with an extra boost, as this is served topped with a shot of espresso.

National Coffee Drink: Cafezinho
Description: Served very sweet and very strong, afezinho is filtered through a fabric strainer and served in tiny cups.
Culture Tip: Usually served as a complimentary drink following a meal.

National Coffee Drink: Kan Kohi
Description: Served hot in the winter and cold in the summer, Kan Kohi is a canned coffee drink found in most Japanese stores and vending machines, and with over 6 million vending machines in Japan, there’s plenty of places to pick one up.
Culture Tip: Although portable, Kan Kohi cannot be consumed just anywhere, for example, drinking on Japanese subways is considered rude.

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