Half of UK population now grab breakfast on the go, according to survey

If you don’t offer breakfast at your cafe or coffee shop, you could be missing a trick. According to figures released this month from a new YouGov survey, almost half of us now grab breakfast on the go in the morning as opposed to a more leisurely meal in our own homes.

‘Ready to eat’ breakfast options can be unhealthy

Sales of breakfast cereals have dropped for the fourth year in a row as a result, and sales of ready-to-eat breakfast products like instant porridge and ‘breakfast biscuits’ have risen by around 15 per cent. Many coffee shops are capitalising on the trend, offering special deals on drinks, breakfast sandwiches and muffins. Increasingly, though, some of the ‘grab ‘n’ go’ options available aren’t the healthiest of choices, with croissants, high fat muffins and sugary granola pots being some of the worst culprits. A toasted cheese sandwich or croissant with ham and cheese can contain around 500 calories and around half your daily recommended allowance of saturated fats, which isn’t the most nutritious start to a busy day! Many pre-prepared items are also high in refined sugar, with a serving of granola with yoghurt and pastries such as pain au raisin both containing up to 30g of sugar. This is the recommended NHS guideline for adults for an entire day – blown on a single breakfast bun!

Why not make your venue different by offering a special breakfast deal – with healthy options? Fat free or low fat yoghurt with fresh berries, fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies, homemade muffins and wholegrain toast are all healthier alternatives – and don’t forget the coffee as part of the deal!

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