New Coffee Weight Loss Craze

Green Coffee Extract Weight Loss Supplement

We all know that when trying to shed a  Green Coffee Extract few pounds we should opt for black coffee with nothing added, as it contains zero calories. The latest craze sweeping the US is taking the use of coffee in weight loss one-step further though. Hollywood stars are going crazy for a brand-new wonder pill and the recent lead up to the Oscars witnessed a meteoric rise in sales. This new sought after weight loss aid is Green Coffee Extract.

Following a major study, it was found green coffee contains a fat-burning antioxidant named chlorogenic acid. The discovery of the study shocked the medical world; weight loss experts, doctors and scientists were all equally astonished. The study followed 100 women who were split into two groups. One group received the green coffee extract and the other group were given a placebo without their knowledge. All 100 women were asked to keep a food diary but were requested not to change any of their habits for the duration of the study. The results spoke for themselves with the group taking the extract losing double the weight of the group taking the placebo.

There was also a study published in the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal. Over a testing period of just 12 weeks, participants took the green coffee extract and all lost an average of 17 pounds, 10.5% overall body weight and 16% of overall body fat with no side effects whatsoever. Important things to note are that participants did not change any of their eating or exercise habits whilst partaking in the study. They had no diet or gruelling exercise regime to stick to. On average, they were consuming 2400 calories per day and burning 400 calories off in traditional ways (no exercise involved, just normal daily activities), therefore in reality should have gained weight, but entirely the opposite happened.

Green Coffee Extract has been labelled ‘The Secret to Easy Weight Loss”. It’s claimed to work for every body type, enabling you to lose weight and burn fat without making any changes at all. It has been proven in several studies to double weight loss and significantly boost inch loss – all with no diet or added exercise required. The extract works by burning away existing fat and blocking the formation of new fat. So in essence, you’re burning fat and blocking new fat all at the same time – without even doing anything and the best thing is – it’s completely natural.

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