rijo42 Granulated Skimmed Milk

Granulated Skimmed Milk For Coffee Vending Machines

rijo42 Deluxe Granulated Skimmed Milk

Well, I think it’s finally safe to say that summer has well and truly arrived! It’s been a scorcher at rijo42 HQ this week, not that we’re complaining, we’re enjoying the sun and the great moods it inevitably induces. Another thing that seems to go hand in hand with sunshine is health kicks, with many of us vowing to eat healthily and get fit in a quest for the perfect summer body. This craze sweeps the nation as soon as the sun appears and the rijo42 offices are no exception. Walking through the main office today I spotted salads and crackerbreads aplenty, the whole team seems to be on a health drive. However whilst we’re managing to abstain from chocolate and other such goodies, there’s one thing we definitely cant live without and that’s coffee!

Luckily, we use Granulated Skimmed Milk in all of our coffee vending machines at rijo42 HQ, meaning we’re free to enjoy guilt-free cappuccinos, lattes and macchiatos throughout the day.

The introduction of dehydrated skimmed milk products a few years ago has resulted in calorific creamers and whiteners becoming increasingly less popular. Not only is it the healthier alternative, it creates a creamy froth and is the closest thing to fresh milk in terms of taste and presentation. rijo42 deluxe skimmed milk provides all the flavour of fresh milk without the associated hygiene issues. It’s simple to store and costs a fraction of its liquid counterpart. It contains less than 1% fat, has between 25-65 calories per serving (depending on cup size) and is lactose free. Our granulated skimmed milk is specially formulated for use with our coffee vending machines and has a shelf life of 18 months.

If your staff and customers are demanding skinny lattes this Summer, rijo42 Granulated Skimmed Milk is the obvious choice. Order online with next day delivery.