Up your game this spring with coffee

If you’re training for an event or just trying to improve your fitness levels this spring, you might think that coffee would be firmly off the menu. However, findings by the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC), which held discussions with experts in the field of sports science and nutrition to explore how caffeine affects sports performance, coffee could actually help you up your game.

Experts who took part in the discussions included a former Olympic athlete, a performance nutritionist and a lecturer in physiology. The findings included the fact that caffeine is at its most effective as a stimulant during endurance sports such as bouts of running, rowing or cycling which last more than five minutes. It can also improve your short term, high intensity performance, though, such as sprinting for short periods. Other benefits included a reduction in muscle pain during endurance exercise and a reduction in muscle soreness after strength training exercise. Caffeine also appears to help with the recovery process after exercise.

So how can you take advantage of the research? Well, if you’re planning to exercise, then drinking a cup of caffeinated coffee about an hour beforehand can help you to work harder and for longer. Caffeine helps improve the ability to sustain motor skills as well as general alertness, helping your body work harder.

How much caffeine should you take before exercise?

Ideally, you should take around 3 to 4mg of caffeine per kilogram of bodyweight around an hour prior to exercise. For reference, an average size espresso contains around 60 to 65mg of caffeine.


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