Frozen Cocktails & Summer Slushes

The rijo42 Ultimo

rijo42 Ultimo Slush Machine

At last summer is here! Picture this, whether you’re spending your lunch hour sat outside a trendy bar soaking up the sun, or meeting a friend for a catch up, how about a Frozen Mojito or a Cosmopolitan over crushed ice? A great option for bars and restaurants wishing to serve icy blended beverages is the rijo42 Ultimo.

The rijo42 Ultimo is a multi-purpose counter top drinks dispenser that can be configured for an array of applications, from chilled juices to slushes and frozen cocktails; it will even dispense protein shakes. Reliable, compact and easy to use, it offers 100% product visibility therefore maximizing impulse buys. The Ultimo has the capacity for 20 litres thanks to its two 10 litre containers, each of which is hermetically sealed ensuring maximum product freshness. The adjustable thermostats and churn speeds cater for a range of different products and the patented freezing system maintains product consistency.

In busy environments where blenders can’t keep up, the rijo42 Ultimo will excel. Most commercial blenders currently on the market only have the capacity to create a maximum of a litre and a half of your chosen creation, the rijo42 Ultimo however, will hold up to 20 litres over 2 containers.

The Ultimo is much easier to use than a blender and simple to clean and maintain. These days, most blenders have automatic blending cycles however results can still vary drastically from drink to drink depending on the amount of liquid and ice added. The rijo42 Ultimo guarantees consistency in drink quality and its ease of use combined with large capacity means your guests are served far more quickly. The rijo42 Ultimo will also keep your drinks cooler for longer, a huge advantage over this super summer period we are currently experiencing.

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