Freshbrew Coffee Vending Machines

rijo42 Infusion II Coffee Vending Machine

rijo42 Infusion II Freshbrew Coffee Vending MachineCoffee vending machines are a superb way of generating additional revenue for a host of different business types. And, whilst the quality of coffee these machines produce has improved greatly as they have evolved, the quality of the tea they produced often cast a shadow. However, all that has now changed thanks to the introduction of Freshbrew to coffee vending machines. Freshbrew is where tea leaves are brewed freshly within the machine, creating top quality tea infusions.

A robust and reliable freshbrew tea & instant coffee vending machine, the Infusion II comprises great quality with consistency.  The user is able to build a drink choosing milk, sugar & strength options allowing them to customise drink specifications to taste.

Having created a drink the user is provided with a unique quick code which can be used to speed up the selection process when dispensing beverages in the future. Please see video below for quick code facility.

The Infusion II is available as coin operated model with change giver or free vend, and can even be configured to work with tokens and cashless payment systems. All of the drinks on the menu can be set to individual prices, meaning a Mochaccino that contains three ingredients, can be priced higher than an Americano which just contains coffee, therefore maximising your profits. The Infusion II is fully automatic and features and integral cup dropper and on board sugar, reducing the requirement for additional condiments storage. The machine can be configured to dispense paper or plastic cups with a choice of either 7oz squat or 9oz tall drink sizes. The machine also features a jug facility, perfect for producing large quantities of coffee for meetings.

The drinks menu includes Americano, Espresso, White Coffee, Cappuccino, Caffe Latte, Mochaccino, Hot Chocolate, Chocomilk, Espressochoc, White Tea and Black Tea. Please see videos below.

For further information on the Infusion II coffee vending machine or to book a free demonstration, please call 0800 023 4242 or email