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Free Barista Training With Traditional Espresso Machines

A Perfect Latte Macchiato

Whilst out shopping over the weekend, I stopped off at a little Italian café for some lunch and, more importantly, a much-needed coffee. The café was extremely busy, which in my eyes is usually a good sign. Once we had found a table, perused the menu and decided what we would be indulging in, I went to the counter to order.

I spotted a two-group traditional espresso machine and commercial coffee grinder behind the counter, and as this place was Italian (a nation renowned for their love of coffee), I automatically assumed I would be served an expertly prepared delicious coffee to enjoy with lunch. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. I ordered a large Caffe Latte and the lady behind the counter proceeded to pick up a steaming pitcher containing milk that had quite obviously already been steamed, and steamed it again for my latte. I was quite shocked, as this is one of key things anyone operating a traditional espresso machine should know, never reheat milk.

Milk is very nearly a perfect complete food, a complex substance containing vitamins, minerals, fat, protein and sugar. As such, milk should be treated as just that, a food, as its properties change considerably once heated. This is the number one reason you should never steam milk twice, reheating it causes the proteins to break down affecting the milk’s sweetness and resulting in a watery consistency. Another reason milk should never be steamed twice is quite simply, temperature. Milk that has previously been steamed will still retain a certain level of heat, steaming for a second time will make it too hot to serve and potentially burn the consumer. Any leftover milk should be discarded and fresh chilled milk should be steamed for every drink.  Always start with fresh, cold milk, and only steam what you need when you need it. Please see our guide on how to froth the perfect milk for espresso.

People are incredibly discerning about coffee these days and when paying between £2.30 – £3.00 for their favourite speciality drink, they expect the best.

At rijo42, we strongly believe there is a huge difference in knowing how to operate a machine and knowing how to produce great coffee. For this reason we include free Barista training with all of the traditional espresso machines we install. All rijo42 technicians are Barista trained and have a wealth of knowledge in regards to making the perfect cup of coffee. Upon installation of your traditional espresso machine, your technician will teach you and your staff all of the skills required to serve exceptional coffees.

To book your place on the rijo42 Barista training course, please call 0800 023 4242 or email [email protected].