Flavoured Coffee Recipe

Vanilla Latte

How to make a Vanilla Latte

Once you’ve mastered basic Barista skills, you may feel the urge to be more inventive with the coffees on your menu. Flavoured coffees are a simple and effective way of expanding your coffee menu and boosting profits. Try this recipe to produce a perfect Vanilla Latte using your traditional espresso machine.

Prepare rijo42 Espresso in the bottom of a latte glass following how to make the perfect Espresso.

Pour required shots (1 x 10ml shot per 9oz or 10oz Vanilla Latte or 2 x 10ml shots for 12oz and above) of rijo42 Vanilla Gourmet Coffee Syrup into the bottom of a steaming pitcher/jug.

Add required amount of milk to steaming jug and froth following how to froth milk.

Using your rijo42 milk spatula to hold back the froth, pour the steamed milk into a warm latte glass until there is about an inch from the top. Remove the spatula from the milk jug and top the glass to the top with milk froth by shaking the jug or spooning it on top.

Top with rijo42 chocolate powder from your chocolate shaker

Vanilla Flavoured Coffee Syrup and rijo42 coffee beans are available to buy online at www.rijo42.co.uk

Please note: All Espresso cups, Cappuccino cups and Latte glasses should be heated on a cup warmer before a drink is placed in them. This ensures the beverage retains its temperature for as long as possible after serving.

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