Five coffee myths and why not to believe them

Coffee is the world’s favourite drink, so it’s no wonder it’s given rise to so many myths. We’ve put together a short guide to some of the most common – some are alarmist, some have some truth in them and some are just plain weird. Read on to know what to believe…

Common coffee myths

Coffee myth #1 – the darker the roast, the stronger and more caffeinated the coffee.

We can see you might think that – open a bag of dark roasted beans, and that coffee aroma will hit you straight between the eyes. However, the opposite is true. The darker the bean, the longer it’s been roasted – and roasting actually burns off the caffeine rather than intensifying it.

Coffee myth #2 – coffee is addictive

Well, yes, it is a bit. We’re not talking hard-core drug dependency, though! It stimulates your central nervous system to help you feel alert, but if you’d like to stop drinking it for a while, the withdrawal period will only last a day or so.

Coffee myth #3 – coffee causes heart disease

This one’s a definite ‘no’! Consuming a moderate amount (three cups) of coffee a day could actually lower your risk of some heart diseases. If you have high blood pressure, there’s a chance that caffeinated coffee could cause a short term spike in your heart rate, but there’s no link to long term damage.

Coffee myth #4 – you should make coffee with boiling water

Most of us do this, because it’s just easier. If you’re a coffee purist, though, using water that’s above 92 degrees Celsius will start to separate the bitter oils from the coffee grounds and result in a slightly burnt, bitter taste.

Coffee myth #5 – coffee is a diuretic

Coffee doesn’t dehydrate you. There’s some logic to this one, because caffeine itself is a diuretic. However, a cup of coffee doesn’t contain pure caffeine – it’s also mixed with a lot of water. The fluid in a cup of coffee counts towards your daily fluid intake, and there’s no evidence to suggest that drinking coffee leads to any fluid loss.

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