Fancy a slice of coffee?

London, with its commuter culture, has always run on coffee – but now everyone’s favourite stimulant has found its way out of the cup and into all sorts of other destinations. Hip cafes and bars are finding new uses for coffee grounds – and for chaff, the dried skin shed by the beans when they’re roasted. The chaff has a bitter, deep coffee flavour, and is normally discarded by roasters. Now, though, it’s finding its way into all sorts of things.

Cafes are adding it to everything from bread and butter to pastry, to add a subtle coffee taste to all sorts of unusual partners including custard tart.

Revolutionising baking for coffee lovers is coffee flour, made from dried coffee cherries (the husks that protect the beans themselves). The resulting flour is gluten-free, and is made from what would normally be leftover waste. The cherries can also be stewed like tea, and produce a delicate brew that’s suitable for drinking or a range of other uses in cooking.

In fact, reducing waste is one of the big drivers behind the current trend for using every bit of the coffee plant. The taste of coffee complements a host of other flavours including many meats as well as puddings, and using different parts of the plant such as chaff or grounds allows chefs to experiment with adding the right amount of flavour.

The caffeine content of anything but the bean itself is so low that all that’s really being added is extra depth of flavour, and restaurants are adding a little twist to everything from meat marinade to mustard.

London tends to see the latest trends first, so it may be a little longer before we can expect to see ‘coffee custard tart’ in the rest of the country! In the meantime, for all your coffee needs for your coffee business, take a look at our main website for coffee accessories and beans at great prices.