European coffee market sees growth in 2017

There’s good news for coffee shop owners across Europe, and particularly if you’re in the UK, Russia or Turkey. The European coffee shop market grew by almost 6.5% last year (2017), findings which are reported in detail in the 2017 annual market research report carried out by Allegra.

Although the percentage of growth is on a par with 2016, expansion was found to be highest proportionately in the UK, Russia and Turkey. Focusing on the UK, Costa Coffe, Europe’s largest chain, have added almost 250 branches in the last year, giving a total of over 2,700. Starbucks isn’t far behind, opening a whopping 251 branches in 2016 and bringing their total to just over 2,400 stores.

Almost all of the 25 member countries of the European Union saw a growth last year, and in the UK alone an impressive 643 coffee shops opened their doors. That means that UK residents can now get their caffeine fix at a choice of over branded 7,400 outlets nationwide, while in the US you’ll have a choice of more 34,000 than branded coffee shops.

Changes in the coffee market

There was special mention in both 2016 and 2017 of the artisan coffee scene, where independent coffee ships were influencing retail trends and seeing the most growth comparatively. As one of the most established European coffee markets, Britain is at the forefront of the artisan movement. The trend is now so widespread that even branded coffee chains are adapting, with offerings such as single origin coffee. The good news for small businesses and solo operators is that they’re far more flexible, manoeuvrable and quicker to adapt to the market. Offering fairtrade or single origin beans either alongside or instead of your usual offering is likely to find favour with regular customers and stimulate business growth.

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