Coffee & Fitness Training

Give your daily workout a boost with a shot of espresso


Caffeine has long been associated with boosting energy levels and many of us can’t start the day without a strong cup of coffee. An increasing number of us are now also including coffee within our daily fitness regimes. Studies have shown that ingesting caffeine prior to exercise increases endurance and eases post exercise muscle aches.

Many athletes opt for caffeine gels and energy drinks/chews when competing in endurance races, as they offer the much-needed boost required for completing such demanding events. When it comes to your daily fitness regime though, it is advisable to play it safe and opt for naturally caffeinated products to enhance your workout.

The most effective, naturally caffeinated stimulant is coffee and in its purest form of espresso, it’s perfect for workouts. A shot of espresso before working out will boost your heart rate and help those calories burn off faster. Espresso shots are quick and convenient and wont weigh you down whilst you’re in the gym. The average shot of espresso contains around 75mg of caffeine, drink the shot around 30 minutes before you exercise to reap the full potential of the caffeine during your workout.

Caffeine also boosts the endorphin response to exercise; if endorphins are high exercise is far more tolerable and enjoyable. Many gyms, sports clubs, health clubs and leisure centres have cottoned on to power of espresso and many have bean to cup coffee machines installed in their café and reception areas.

Try an espresso next time you train to and see how much it enhances your workout.