Commercial Coffee Machines Wales

The Best Commercial Coffee Machines Now Available in Wales

Brasil with Welsh Dragon Branding

The rijo42 Brasil is our most popular bean to cup coffee machine by far, fitting perfectly into any environment due to its compact size and stylish high gloss finish. The most robust and reliable machine in its class, the Brasil guarantees one million grinds thanks to its unique stainless steel integral coffee grinder. The simple one-step push button selection process is incredibly user friendly, making this machine perfect for both counter service and self-serve applications.

The great aesthetics of the Brasil coupled with its exceptional performance and reliability, ease of use and quite operation, make it the obvious choice for a broad spectrum of business types. We install in the region of 1200 of these machines each year and even export them to destinations such as America, Spain, Peru, Portugal, French Guiana, to name but a few – a true testament to precisely how reliable this machine is.

Key Features
Brasil bean to cup coffee machines have 8 direct drink selections including Espresso, Americano, Caffe Latte, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Mochaccino, Hot Chocolate and a hot water selection that provides the facility to make Tea. Should the hot water button not be required this can be exchanged for a shift key to enable large cups to be offered. The Brasil bean to cup coffee machine has a performance capacity of 120-150 cups of coffee and 28 litres of hot water per hour with a dispense time of 25-35 seconds for a freshly ground speciality coffee.

Other features include the Hot Start System, a special heating system that creates perfect hot coffee from the very first cup. The Quali Control System that guarantees optimal taste by automatically quality controlling the grinder along with automatic adjustment of grinding and brewing times. Excellent hygiene standards are achieved thanks to automatic rinsing and cleaning programmes and the Hygo Milk System keeps bacteria at bay, ultimately reducing cleaning and maintenance.

There’s also the opportunity for custom branding with the Brasil machine, proudly display your company logo or maybe the Welsh Dragon within the fascia panel, as pictured above.

The Brasil is also available in other models. A double grinder version that allows for two blends of coffee beans to be used, presenting the opportunity to offer decaffeinated or ethical blends alongside regular coffee. Brasil RSD (rijo smart display) features a multimedia screen for upload of advertisements, images and movies by USB device creating the ultimate marketing tool.

View the video of the Brasil in action here.

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