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Commercial Coffee Machines For Health & Fitness Clubs, Leisure Centres & Gyms

Commercial Coffee Machines For The Health & Fitness Sector

At rijo42, we supply commercial coffee machines, coffee beans and ingredients to a vast and varied range of business types. A business sector we have an especially solid affiliation with, is health and fitness clubs.

Many health and fitness clubs have onsite cafes with food and drink sales providing an excellent way of generating additional revenue for the business. Frequented by visitors and spectators, the cafe offers a place to sit and relax with a coffee and a bite to eat whilst waiting for partners or children to finish a fitness class. It’s also the perfect place for members to obtain their pre-workout espresso, renowned for boosting training performance and endurance. Essential pieces of equipment for such environments are high performance, operator friendly commercial coffee machines.

rijo42 supply hundreds of health and fitness clubs throughout the UK, from independently owned gyms to large well-known chains and government owned sites. The favoured machine for the vast majority of these sites is the rijo42 Brasil bean to cup coffee machine.

The Brasil offers the perfect solution to health and fitness clubs, its proven reliability, ease of use and simplicity of maintenance are huge advantages to these busy sites. Machine reliability is imperative when coffee sales form a key part of profit margins and the Brasil is unrivalled in this field. Constructed of only the highest-grade parts, the Brasil features a unique stainless steel integral coffee grinder, guaranteed for a minimum of 1 million grinds. The grinder self calibrates to ensure exceptional and consistent drink quality. The machine is also fitted with an industry leading milk-frothing unit, delivering Barista standard coffees at the touch of a button. The Brasil features automatic rinsing and cleaning programmes along with the best milk hygiene system in the industry, the ‘Hygo-Milk’ system. This component keeps bacteria at bay, vastly reducing cleaning and maintenance associated issues. Simple push button selection, the Brasil offers a menu of eight selections including Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Caffe Latte, Latte Macchiato, Mochaccino, Hot Chocolate and Hot Water. The machine also has the facility to dispense two drink sizes via a shift key function, regular and large.

The Brasil operates with a soluble milk product, meaning there is none of the hygiene and storage related issues associated with fresh milk and costs are vastly reduced. Another huge advantage to this is that rijo42 Granulated Skimmed Milk is perfect for the Health & Fitness sector. This dehydrated milk product provides the all of the flavour and appearance of fresh milk yet contains less than 1% fat and is completely lactose free, ideal for the health conscious fitness enthusiast. The Brasil is also available in a double grinder model allowing for two varieties of coffee beans to be used, regular and decaf blends for example. The machine also has the option to be coin operated should a stand alone self-service application be required and is also compatible with our self-service coffee station, providing a complete self-serve solution, great for reception areas.

What our customers say…

“Absolutely a fantastic product, very easy to manage and operate. Since purchasing the coffee machine I have had numerous comments from our customers regarding the quality and taste of the coffee. It is a real pleasure to serve them with the different varieties.”

“Being a busy health club we have a clientele that expects high standards throughout the club including the quality of the coffee, rijo42 delivers this with their excellent blend.”

“We have used rijo42 for some years now and have always been extremely pleased with the quality and service provided. The machines are reliable, efficient and easy to use, and the coffee and related products are of an excellent standard.”

“The machine has proved a huge hit with our customers, especially children who love the hot chocolate. It has exceeded our expectations, revenue has increased and we are very happy we changed to rijo42.”

“As you are well aware I was rather skeptical at our first meeting being unsure as it was a product range that we had never explored before. My fears we put to rest after the first weekend. The machine itself meets all of our needs and the end product has gone down very well with both our members and people visitors.”

To book a free demonstration of the Brasil call free on 0800 023 4242 or email [email protected].