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Commercial Coffee Machines For Golf Clubs

rijo42 Brasil Bean To Cup Coffee Machine At A Golf Club

The UK has become a coffee nation and people now demand high quality freshly ground coffee wherever they go. This ever-increasing demand has created a booming industry for companies like ours. We have in excess of 20,000 customers nationwide, of which over 500 are Golf Clubs. Our success has not just flourished on the back of our quality product and the eye catching cups, saucers and point of sale material we supply, it takes more than just a cheeky Latte or a thick creamy Hot Chocolate to win our customers over. In our world, Swiss-Made Commercial Coffee machines and superlative after service is key, and we like to think we stand head and shoulders above the rest on all areas of our business.

Our knowledge of sports industry stems from years of dealing with Rugby, Football, Tennis and Cricket Clubs up and down the country, this enables us to fully understand the pressures that clubs are up against on a day-to-day basis. We believe the key to our success is the ability to provide a full demonstration of our commercial coffee machines and products to all club members. These demonstrations present the opportunity to test the equipment, sample the products and view our full range of promotional accessories. These sampling days also allow members of the club to provide feedback on the quality of the drinks and the price they would be prepared to pay for them, thus allowing committee members to make an informed decision.

We recently asked three Club Secretaries to put into words why they chose rijo42 over other companies that had quoted considerably less for what, on the surface, seemed a like for like service. They all highlighted the fact that when the season kicks in, they have very little time for issues relating to unhappy members, the peace of mind of knowing that such a quality product is in place backed up with a first class service team, is one thing less to worry about. They all stated that the quality of rijo42 coffee is on par with any high street coffee shop; consequently members feel they are receiving great value for money, something which is very important when running a club. The secretaries also commented on how unusual it is to introduce anything new into a club without a little resistance, yet the rijo42 product has been an instant success at all of their clubs, with positive feedback from members and increased revenue week on week.

Our most popular machine within the golf sector is the rijo42 Brasil bean to cup coffee machine. The ease of use and versatility of this machine make it the clear choice for any club. The Brasil can be free vend for club bars and restaurants or coin operated for members to serve themselves. The machine is also available with a mobile base cabinet and hand-fill kit, allowing the machine to be portable, ideal for function rooms and events. It is incredibly simple to operate and maintain and offers selection eight drink selections, serving a freshly ground speciality coffee in around 25-35 seconds. This Swiss Made commercial coffee machine is also unrivalled in terms of performance, with the capacity to produce well over 500 drinks a day, and reliability thanks to its precision construction and highest-grade parts. The Brasil is guaranteed for a million grinds and is, in our opinion, the most reliable machine on the market.

rijo42 are proud to be the approved coffee supplier for the GCMA. If like many Club Secretaries you feel your coffee offering is below par, now is the time to act. As a GCMA member you will receive a fantastic discounted package from rijo42.

Brasil, Coin Pod, Cup Warmer & Condiments Unit

To book a free commercial coffee machine demonstration at your club for members and the committee, please get in touch by calling 0800 023 4242 or email [email protected].

What our customers say…

“On the very first day of installation, the members were delighted by the quality of the coffee and in fact raved over it. A quote from a member – “The Hot Chocolate is the best I’ve tasted!” The whole process was smooth and rijo delivered everything on schedule with first class tuition on the operation of the machine.”

“We have now used rijo machines and products for almost four years and can with confidence say that all of our members are extremely pleased with the product. The Customer Service is unparalleled in response time and friendliness (not that we have needed it often) and when they came out on a Sunday to deal with a minor problem, I was sure we had made the right choice.”

“We have now had the Brasil machine on site for just over 12 months and I would like to record how pleased we have been with it. Our members are particularly impressed with the quality of the products available and the reliability of the machine. This in turn has been of great benefit to the club as we have seen the number of drinks dispensed by the Brasil machine far exceeding those seen for our previous machine; we are close to doubling the previous figures.”

“After a quick and efficient installation, I was able to offer my members and visitors a product that is proving very popular; I now have a much busier lounge in the mornings in particular, as members choose to enjoy a coffee before they play. There has definitely been an upturn in coffee sales over the previous machine and the margin has increased significantly. I have been very happy with the service provided by rijo42 and my members and visitors have been very happy with the coffee they continue to enjoy.”

“We have been dealing with rijo42 for five years now and have two of their coffee machines on our site. We are also currently in the process of installing another new machine at our club. I have no hesitation in recommending rijo42 to anybody, as I certainly would not switch to another brand or supplier. I can say with confidence that all our members and visitors are extremely pleased with the products on offer.”