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rijo42 Brasil Commercial Coffee Machine In Car Showroom

Here at rijo42, we understand the importance of offering top quality coffee to your clients and visitors; it’s precisely what our company is all about. It may be an old cliché, but first impressions really do count, and serving poor quality coffee may reflect negatively on your business. Serving clients with great quality coffee however, provides an excellent impression from the outset, assuring clients that you take enormous pride in even the finest of details. And, when a client is looking to spend a large amount of money with your company, they expect a high quality of service throughout. This is particularly true of car dealerships.

Dealer principals are astutely aware that potential clients appreciate special touches, such as complimentary freshly ground coffee whilst discussing a possible sale or arranging vehicle finance. Offering such a service displays to the client that their custom is valued. As a result, a huge number of dealerships now install commercial coffee machines in their showrooms.

When seeking a commercial coffee machine for a car showroom, aesthetics are extremely important. A machine that doesn’t look out of place amongst the brand new, highly polished display of showroom vehicles is a huge advantage. It’s for this reason that our Brasil commercial coffee machine is incredibly popular within this sector.

Sleek and compact, the Brasil sits perfectly within a showroom environment, its unobtrusive design combined with its high gloss finish make it the favoured machine for such applications.

Further key aspects this sector demands from a commercial coffee machine is high performance and reliability, attributes the Brasil most certainly possesses. This machine is renowned within the coffee industry as a market leader, providing superior performance to other machines in it’s class. Manufactured in Switzerland exclusively for rijo42, the Brasil is constructed of only the finest materials and its integral parts are of the very highest grade. It has the capacity for over 500 drinks per day and is guaranteed for a minimum of a million grinds. The machine is also incredibly simple to operate, clean and maintain, making it the obvious choice for many a car dealership.

To book a free demonstration of the Brasil at your premises, please call free on 0800 023 4242, email [email protected] or complete our online contact form. We also offer demonstrations at our state-of-the-art showroom located at rijo42 HQ, showroom tours are available seven days a week, book yours today by clicking here.