Coffee Vending Machines – The New Generation

The New Generation of Coffee Vending Machines

rijo42 iVend Supreme Espresso Coffee Vending MachineWe all remember the days of poor tasting ‘vending machine’ coffee and tea, thankfully however, those days have long since passed. The new generation of coffee vending machines are slick, sophisticated pieces of kit offering top quality drinks. These machines produce freshly ground coffee shop-style drinks, with all of the convenience of a self-service machine.

The iVend Supreme Espresso is an innovative and stylish coffee vending machine, offering bean to cup coffee, fresh brew coffee and fresh leaf tea. Attractive in design, its ebony high gloss finish and touch screen user interface make this machine is unique. Large touch screen drink selection icons make the drink selection process simple and user friendly.

The iVend Supreme Espresso is a fully automatic machine with integral cup dispense system offering various cup sizes, even 12oz takeaway cups. The integrated cup dropper can hold up to 550 cups, reducing the frequency of restocking. The machine also features a cup sensor allowing for own cups to be used. There is a 12 inch video display providing user instructions such as vend sequence and drink progress. This can be programmed to provide useful information including nutritional content and calorific values. The machine can be coin operated with change giver, free vend or configured to take tokens. Cashless systems are also available with this equipment.

The machine features 12 direct drink selections and up to 6 pre-selections for sugar, milk and strength options. The drinks menu includes Americano, Espresso, Cappuccino, Caffe Latte, Mochaccino, Hot Chocolate, Chocomilk, Espressochoc, Fresh Leaf Tea, Decaf Instant Coffee, Soup and Hot Water. The iVend Supreme also boasts individual pricing, meaning drinks can be set to specific prices, for example, a Mochaccino which contains coffee beans, milk and chocolate can be set to a higher price than an Americano which only uses coffee beans.

These sophisticated coffee vending machines also offer a Quick Code facility. The user is able to build a drink choosing milk, sugar & strength options allowing them to customise drink specifications to taste. Having created a drink the user is provided with a unique quick code, which can be used to speed up the selection process when dispensing beverages in the future. There’s also a Pin Code facility, which allows you to enter a 3-digit code for a single free vend or to enable the jug fill facility for those all-important meetings.

All of the coffee vending machines in our iVend series are A+ energy rated as they incorporate the most advanced energy saving modes available, saving up to 30% in energy consumption. The iVend Supreme automatically adjusts shutdown and economy periods and even features an advanced movement sensor system, which detects a user on approach to the machine. The machine consumes just 86 watts per hour and has been specifically designed so that 90% of the machine is recyclable at end of life.

For more information on the iVend Supreme Espresso coffee vending machine please call free on 0800 023 4242 or email