Coffee Trivia

A Question of Coffee

A Question of Coffee

Coffee isn’t just our trade at rijo42; it’s our passion. Visit rijo42 HQ and you’ll find all departments packed with coffee connoisseurs of all ages and commercial coffee machines a plenty. We’re true coffee lovers at rijo and we pride ourselves on knowing everything there is to know about coffee.

How much do you know about your daily caffeine hit though? Following on from our recent post, The Facts About Coffee, we thought we’d share some more coffee trivia with you.

Coffee Through The Centuries
In the 1400’s, alcohol was forbidden by the Koran and coffee soon became the replacement drink. Pope Clement VIII was an avid coffee lover and is claimed to have baptised the drink in 1600. Chocolate flavouring was first added to coffee in Europe in the 1600’s, citrus flavours have also been added to coffee for hundreds of years. Coffee was originally referred to as Arabian Wine and was first sold in Europe in 1615, not as the drink we know and love today, but as a medicinal remedy available in pharmacies. The famous French Philosopher Voltaire was reported to drink 50 cups of coffee per day. Some of the world’s most powerful businesses began life as coffee houses such as the New York Stock Exchange and Lloyds of London. Famous composer Bach wrote a coffee Cantata in 1732. It is thought that both the American and French Revolutions were planned in coffee houses. In 1913, Admiral Chief Josephus ‘Joe” Daniels became Chief of Naval Operations for the US Navy and outlawed alcohol onboard ships thus making coffee the strongest drink aboard. Coffee soon became the drink of choice and the expression ‘cup of Joe’ was born. During World War II coffee drinking competitions took place between branches of the Military, the Marines claimed to drink the most at 20 cups a day. More recently in 2001, as the world’s biggest coffee producer, Brazil released a coffee scented postage stamp with an aroma said to last between three and five years.

Coffee Consumption
Coffee is the second most popular drink worldwide, with over 400 billion cups consumed each year. On average over £730 million is spent annually on coffee in Britain, with the average Brit consuming 1.76 kg of coffee in a year. The South East of the country consumes over half of the UK’s espresso quota and on average men drink more coffee per day than women, 1.7 cups versus 1.5 cups. Every January sees a huge boost in decaffeinated coffee sales all over the world, thanks to New Year’s Resolutions. America is the world’s largest coffee consumer, importing around 1/3 of total coffee exports. The average American drinks 3.4 cups of coffee each day. Coffee became the favoured beverage in the United States following the heavy tax imposed on tea in 1773 resulting in the ‘Boston Tea Party’, by switching to coffee Americans were expressing their freedom. Scandinavia has the highest ‘coffee per person’ consumption rate at 11.9 kilos per year. The world record for coffee consumption is 82 cups in 7 hours.

Coffee In Other Cultures
In Greece and Turkey, the oldest person is always served their coffee first. In Turkey, a woman has the right to divorce her husband by law if he fails to provide her with her daily coffee quota. In Japan, the 1st of October is official ‘coffee day’. The Japanese are huge coffee consumers and iced coffee in cans has been popular since 1945. They love their coffee so much in Japan, they have been known to bathe in a concoction of pineapple pulp and coffee grounds to improve the appearance of their skin. In Italy, espresso is considered special and is therefore not drunk at meal times; it is allocated its own time to be enjoyed alone. In many parts of Africa, raw coffee beans are soaked in water and spices and chewed like sweets. In Australia, 60% more coffee is consumed than tea, a six time increase since 1940.

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