Coffee trends: the doughnut cup

Coffee AND a doughnut is a familiar combination. Now, though, a bakery in Australia is taking things to next level by introducing coffee IN a doughnut – i.e. coffee served in a hollowed-out doughnut ‘cup’.

It’s certainly one way of combining cake and coffee – particularly if you’re in a hurry! We can’t help wondering, though, if you’re just ruining two good things instead of creating one great one. The ‘cup’ is made from a specially-created doughnut which has been coated in cinnamon, lined with Nutella for structural integrity and then filled with a shot of espresso coffee and finished with milk. Apparently it took the bakery around a week of experimenting to get the recipe right, and the doughnuts are also available with a ‘filling’ of hot chocolate.

The doughnut that’s doubling as a coffee cup



While the combination of tastes sounds good, we can’t help thinking that this is going to pose a few logistical problems! How fast do you have to drink your coffee before it seeps into the doughnut and potentially burns your fingers? Can you drink it at all, or do you have to eat it? The doughnut itself is likely to add around 500 calories to your cup of coffee, so it’s probably best not to get too used to these!

As this comes hot on the heels of last year’s great Australian coffee trend, the avo-latte (coffee served in a hollowed out avocado), we do think this one sounds like a better bet – at least you get to eat the cup! On the whole, though, we think we’d rather stick to a good old fashioned cup of coffee – and keep our cakes firmly on the side.

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