Coffee Rules In The Workplace? A Survey For International Coffee Day By rijo42

On the 1st October, people all over the world celebrate coffee and those who make it as part of International Coffee Day.

Coffee is well and truly ingrained into cultures across the globe, with over 2.25 billion cups of coffee consumed worldwide every day. In honour of International Coffee Day, we carried out a survey of 2000 UK workers to get a sense of where coffee culture is up to in 2019.

Our survey revealed that coffee is on the rise in workplaces throughout the UK, with 59% of people preferring coffee compared to 41% of people who favour tea as their drink of choice.

Almost every region in the UK showed a preference for coffee, apart from Yorkshire and the Humber where tea still reigns supreme with 40% of people choosing a brew compared to 36% who opt for coffee. Northern Ireland and London are the most coffee-obsessed in the workplace, with 54% and 53% respectively choosing beans over leaves.

We also found that 3-4 hot drinks a day is the most common rate of consumption, with 37% of people falling into that sweet spot. More shockingly, 4% of people crammed 7+ hot drinks into a regular workday.

Although the popularity of coffee is increasing year on year, with approximately 95 million cups of coffee drank per day in the UK alone, our survey uncovered that the time-honoured brew round itself could be in danger.

36% of people we asked said that they didn’t partake in workplace hot drinks rounds at all, with only 24% of people in the workplace making at least one hot drink a day for a colleague.

There are still some die-hard defenders of the sacred hot drink round, though, with our survey revealing that 19% of workers consider it extremely bad mannered to make yourself a hot drink without offering one around to colleagues.

We’re passionate about the coffee round and think it’s much more than just the promise of a hot drink. It’s a break from your desk, an opportunity to step away from the monotony of your spreadsheet, and a chance to connect with your colleagues. So next time you’re asked if you want a cuppa, take your headphones off and say yes!

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