Plants Like Coffee Too!

Coffee Plant Fertiliser

Coffee Plant Fertiliser

We don’t like waste at rijo42 and therefore are always looking for ways to put our leftover coffee grounds to good use. With over 20,000 customers Nationwide we know there are literally tonnes of rijo42 coffee grounds being produced by our bean to cup coffee machines. This post details how you can make your rijo42 coffee beans work for you in more ways than one, by using them in the garden as well as in your cappuccino.

Coffee grounds make a great organic fertiliser for plants, as they are high in Nitrogen, 100% natural and rich in nutrients providing plants with a well balanced diet. Additional benefits are that general garden pests such as slugs detest the aroma of coffee therefore deterring them from eating your beloved plants. Roses and Azaleas particularly love coffee grounds, scatter a hand full of coffee grounds around the bottom of your plants and watch them flourish.

Coffee grounds are also great for improving soil structure and therefore can be added to your lawn with great results. They improve the colour of the grass; help to de-compact the soil so as to allow better drainage and deter weeds.

So when you next empty your coffee grounds from your rijo42 bean to cup coffee machine, don’t throw them away!

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