Coffee news: High-tech coffee delivery could be here soon

The world’s coffee industry is worth over $100 billion dollars, so it’s no wonder that a lot of investment goes into research and innovation. While some entrepreneurs concentrate on machinery to brew the perfect drink, others are interested in improvements to processing or packing methods. Delivery methods don’t normally get much of a share of the spotlight, but that could change with a new patent filed by global technology company IBM.

The patent, filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office, lists several proposed versions of the drone, which will incorporate sufficient artificial intelligence to deliver coffee automatically when the customer is tired. Sounds too space age to be true – but the technology apparently exists. One proposed solution is to assess the customer’s sleep pattern using wearable tech such as a Fitbit, in addition to monitoring other data such as blood pressure. From this information, the drone could measure levels of fatigue and respond by delivering a coffee. We probably won’t be seeing a mass of competing drones in the sky overhead, though – the drone is intended for commercial use in offices and bars, and could have the ability to dispense coffee directly into a mug. Industry experts, though, believe that the patent is just hype, due to the fundamental problem of delivering hot liquids by air, which has yet to be overcome.

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