Coffee in the Garden

Gardening with Coffee

Coffee Plant Fertiliser

Coffee doesn’t only taste great, it’s useful for a host of other things too, especially gardening. If you’re green fingered, coffee could be your new best friend in the garden. Save the used coffee grounds from your commercial coffee machine or home coffee machine to use in your garden. If you don’t have a coffee machine, ask your local coffee shop or restaurant if you could possibly take some leftover grounds off their hands, they will usually just discard them at the end of the day.

Use coffee in the garden in any of the following ways:

  1. Coffee grounds provide a superb source of nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, potassium and other trace minerals and many of your garden plants will be enriched by the added nutrients. Roses and Azaleas particularly love coffee.
  2. Add coffee grounds to compost to give it additional nutrition
  3. Use coffee as an insect repellant. Use a solution of coffee to spray your plants; this will act as a deterrent for insects as the aroma of coffee is too strong for them.
  4. Use coffee grounds to keep cats from digging in your garden
  5. Use coffee grounds to keep slugs and snails away from your garden. Coffee acts as a deterrent for these pests due to the smell and abrasive surface.
  6. Coffee grounds provide additional nutrients to acid loving plants including roses and azaleas. Sprinkle your used coffee grounds around the base of these plants. Roses flourish in soil with around a 6.5 pH level, as coffee is acidic it will raise the pH level of the soil.
  7. The worms currently residing in your garden love coffee as much as humans do. They love the caffeine and coffee also assists them with digestion. Worms that eat coffee reproduce more efficiently which is great news for oxygenating your garden and compost. Work coffee grounds into the soil to give the worms and your garden a treat.
  8. Sprinkle coffee grounds on your lawn to improve the colour of your grass and deter weeds. The coffee grounds will also improve soil structure, helping to decompact soil allowing better drainage.
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