Coffee fads: would you drink coffee made from fungi?

We’ve had blue algae coffee, rainbow coffee, red velvet lattes and coffee containing eggs and butter. Now, please welcome the latest coffee fad to the stage – mushroom coffee! The thinking behind this is that over-consumption of strong can sometimes irritate the stomach lining, so American company Four Sigmatic have come up with an alternative. They’ve added chaga mushroom extract to coffee, a compound which is highly alkaline-forming and counters the effect of too much acidity. They also claim it results in a smoother taste. Their ‘mushroom coffee mix’ is vegan, and free of sugar or GMO ingredients, and they also claim that chaga mushrooms contain powerful antioxidants which boost your immune system and offer various health benefits. Each sachet of the instant coffee contains around 500mg of dual extracted mushrooms per serving.

What are chaga mushrooms?

Chaga mushrooms are a parasitic growth that sprout on beech, alder, and birch trees in cold climates throughout the world. Their history as a medicine goes back thousands of years, when they were supposed to promote longevity.

‘Mushroom coffee’

According to the Finnish founder of Four Sigmatic, ‘mushroom coffee’ is the healthiest drink in the world and supposedly helps boost productivity. To extract that mushroomy goodness, the dried mushrooms are boiled and liquefied into a fungi syrup, then added to Arabica coffee beans. Four Sigmatic claim that their drink – which is also available as a pure extract without the coffee, or as hot chocolate -not only helps to regulate blood sugar levels, but will¬†reduce coffee’s natural acidity, making it more palatable for people with sensitive stomachs.



We don’t think ‘mushroom coffee’ is going to make it into the mainstream though! Nothing really beats the caffeine kick and complex flavours of a cup of ‘proper coffee’, so that’s what we’ll be sticking with. If you’d like to top up your ‘proper coffee’ supplies, we have everything you need over at our main website, ¬†– choose from coffee beans, coffee machines and commercial coffee supplies.