Coffee fads: nitro cold brews

Heard of a nitro cold brew? You’d probably imagine it was a type of trendy craft beer, but in fact it’s the latest trend to be hitting coffee bars nationwide. With customers taking more and more interest in the origins, provenance and type of their beans, artisan coffee has never been so popular. At the annual London Coffee Festival, held in April, thousands of people now attend to learn about techniques, news and innovations in the industry.

The nitro cold brew coffee fad

If you’re still no wiser as to what the new fad actually is, we can put you out of your misery now – it’s cold-brew coffee, infused with nitrogen gas. It’s served on draft like beer, and the finished drink looks a bit like a pint of Guinness. It’s made by forcing cold-brew coffee, infused with the gas, through the tiny holes of a pressurised valve, which produces the creamy head. Fans say it gives a smooth, silky mouth feel with a clean, refreshing taste. The coffee is first made by steeping coffee grounds in cold water rather than being brewed in the conventional way. Now, mainstream coffee chains are trialling the drink. In America, where iced coffee is far more mainstream, it’s now being sold in cans.

So will it take off over here? We’re reserving judgement. The market for cold coffee isn’t nearly as robust in the UK as it is in the US and Australia (British summer, anyone?). While nitro cold brews are being trialled by coffee chains keen to keep on top of innovations in the market, we predict that the increased cost of producing the drinks and subsequent rise in price for the customer will prevent this from becoming mainstream.

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