Coffee fads: clothing made from coffee grounds

Although we’re not normally fans of short-lived coffee fads, this is one trend we’re hoping has got legs. At rijo42, we’re proud of our eco-credentials so when we heard about Sundried, a clothing company making ethical, sustainable activewear from coffee grounds, we were keen to find out more.

Fabric made from recycled materials isn’t a new idea. There are various companies out there making waste plastic bottles into polyester yarn for the clothing industry, and plastic waste is even being recouped from the sea to be made into fabric. In 2008, a Taiwanese company first developed the technology capable of making used coffee grounds into fabric, and it’s becoming gradually more popular.

The benefits of clothing made from coffee

In addition to being sustainable, the coffee fabric has other benefits. It’s ideal for sports clothing, as it dries fast (200 times faster than cotton) and doesn’t hold odours. The process used in fabrication is also lower in CO2 emissions than other forms of yarn. UK-based Sundried has now developed a small range of clothing made from 100% sustainable, recycled materials. The range – which currently includes a man’s tee shirt and a vest top and tee shirt for women, and was made from coffee grounds processed ecologically into yarn. Prices start at £40. Sundried have a strong ethical and environmental ethos and believe their coffee range fits in perfectly.

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