Coffee fads: blue and pink coffee

It seems like pretty much everything you can think of has been added to coffee at some stage. Forget milk and two sugars – hot favourites include soy milk, butter and salt (takes away the bitter edge, apparently). Now, a major US coffee chain has destroyed the bar (we won’t say ‘raised it’) with their limited edition ‘Unicorn Frappuccino).

It’s a limited edition bright blue and shocking pink drink available for one week only. Ingredients include ice, milk, whipped cream, vanilla and mango syrups, Frappuccino syrup and ‘sour blue powder’ and ‘pink powder’, whatever they may be.  Fans say the drink starts off with a fruity, sweet taste with a pleasantly sour afterkick, and consists of shocking pink and bright blue swirls topped with whipped cream and coloured powders. Critics have slammed the drink for its very high sugar content and calorific value – 500 calories a cup – with one less-than-enthusiastic drinker comparing the taste to mouthwash.

The Unicorn Frappuccino

It may not be a contender in the taste stakes, but the drink, called a ‘Unicorn Frappuccino’, looks great in social media photos with its bright colours, and copycat versions are already available. The ‘Mermaid Frappuccino’ is bright green instead of pink and blue, while the ‘Dragon Frappuccino’ is made with green tea.

Hmmm – the only saving grace we can think of with these drinks is that they contain no coffee (even the Frappuccino syrup is caffeine-free), so they’re unlikely to appeal to coffee aficionados. If you feel like a long, iced, cooling summer drink, a simple iced black coffee is likely to hit the spot and contains only 5 to 10 calories instead of 500.

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