Coffee fads: the affogato

Love coffee? Love summer? Then the new craze that’s sweeping trendy coffee bars and restaurants will be right up your street. An affogato is a cross between a dessert and a coffee. The name is Italian for ‘drowned’, referring to the way a scoop of ice cream is soaked in strong espresso. The classic recipe features vanilla icecream, but the variations are infinite. Here are some suggestions.

Classic affogato

Put two small scoops of ice cream (two small works better than one large, as it means you can stack them) in a heat proof Pyrex glass cup. Pour in a shot of espresso, and top with sprinkles of dark chocolate and chopped hazelnuts. Count to 30 while the heat of the coffee just starts to melt the edges of the ice cream, then eat.

For the best results, use good quality ice cream.

Chocolate affogato

Make the recipe up as above, but substitute chocolate ice cream for vanilla and add a dessertspoonful of chocolate syrup with the espresso.

Double hit affogato

Make up the classic recipe, but substituting coffee ice cream for vanilla. Decorate with chocolate-covered coffee beans.

Summer affogato

Turn your drink into an ice cream sundae. Put one small scoop of ice cream in the glass, then add a sprinkle of broken caramelised biscuits. Top with ice cream and more biscuits, then pour over the coffee. Add a strawberry on top for colour. The biscuits add a delicious caramel taste and contrasting crunchy texture.

Death by chocolate affogato

Break the rules with this chocolatey number. Use two small scoops of chocolate ice cream and pour over hot chocolate rather than espresso. Top with chocolate sprinkles or a flake.

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