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Coffee Culture Around The World

Coffee Culture Around The World

An estimated 1.6 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide every day, equating to a colossal number of commercial coffee machines in operation, day in day out. Coffee culture however, varies greatly from country to country. In the UK, we’re a nation of cappuccino connoisseurs and latte lovers, who over recent years have developed an increasing liking for espresso. Some of us like our coffee with sugar, some with chocolate sprinkles, whilst others don’t like anything to detract from the freshly brewed coffee flavour. We’re all different when it comes to our daily caffeine fix but one thing is for certain, our love for coffee is one that transcends globally.

Over the next few days, we’ll take you on a world tour of coffee culture, showing how different countries enjoy coffee in different ways.

National Coffee Drink: Espresso
Description: A perfect cup of espresso should be dark with rich golden caramel crema. The crema should be thick, enough to support a spoonful of sugar before breaking.
Culture Tip: In Italy, espresso should drunk as a shot and downed in one mouthful. Espresso is usually drunk standing at a bar, as the privilege of sitting at a table in Italy will usually cost up to four times more.

National Coffee Drink: Melange
Description: The Austrian take on cappuccino, a Melange combines espresso and steamed milk, usually finished with frothed milk on top or even whipped cream.
Culture Tip: Austrian cafes typically serve all coffee drinks with a glass of water. The water is to be drunk between sips of coffee to freshen and hydrate the palate.

National Coffee Drink:
Description: Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and has historically been served with salt or butter as opposed to sugar and milk. Since the 1930’s however, sugar has become a more popular serving accompaniment to this drink.
Culture Tip: Should you be invited into an Ethiopian home for a coffee ceremony, don’t stop drinking until you’ve had your third cup. This is known as ‘Bereka’ and is considered a blessing.

National Coffee Drink:
Café de Olla
Description: Café de Olla is a coffee drink made in an earthenware pot and spiced using cinnamon sticks.
Culture Tip: Don’t add extra sugar as it is served pre-sweetened with unrefined brown sugar.

Saudi Arabia
National Coffee Drink:
Description: A cardamom infused drink that is always served with dried dates to counter balance the coffee’s bitterness.
Culture Tip: Elder people are always expected to have their coffee poured for them by a younger person as a mark of respect.

National Coffee Drink: Turk Kahvesi
Description: A thick brew that is usually served after meals accompanied by chewy Turkish delight sweets, Turk Kahvesi is brewed in a copper long handled pot.
Culture Tip: Always leave the thick layer of sludge at the bottom of the cup, don’t drink this as it doesn’t taste great and can be used to tell your fortune once you’ve finished your coffee.

However you take your coffee, its clear to see that the drink is enjoyed all over the world, albeit in many different ways. Second only to water, coffee is the world’s most consumed beverage and coffee culture continues to grow with each passing year.

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Join us tomorrow for another coffee inspired trip around the globe.