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Coffee Culture Around The World – Part Two

Coffee Culture Around The World

Following on from yesterday’s post, we’d like to take you on another little coffee inspired trip around the globe. Coffee is enjoyed all over the world and drunk in vast quantities on a daily basis however tastes and culture vary greatly from region to region.

National Coffee Drink: Frappe
Description: Typically made with instant coffee, a Greek frappe is a foam-topped iced drink. Always served with a straw, a frappe is made with cold water, sugar and evaporated milk and of course the instant coffee.
Culture Tip: In Greece a frappe should always be served shaken and not stirred.

National Coffee Drink: Kaapi
Description: Kaapi is brewed with chicory and is served with a layer of foam that is formed as the drink cools down. The barista pours the coffee between two stainless steel tumblers to aerate.
Culture Tip: Sometimes referred to as ‘Meter Coffee’ or ‘Coffee by the Yard’, which references the desired height the coffee should be poured from.

National Coffee Drink: Ca Phe Sua Da
Description: Ca Phe Sua Da is made by slowly dripping coffee onto a layer of sweetened condensed milk through a stainless steel filter called a Phin. Usually prepared at the table, hot water is poured over the filter of coffee grounds.
Culture Tip: Coffee that is too finely ground will result in a weak tasting coffee.

National Coffee Drink: Café Cubano
Description: Similar to espresso, Café Cubano achieves it’s unique flavour with the addition of raw Demerara sugar which produces a sweet brown foam on its surface known as espumita.
Culture Tip: To achieve the perfect espumita, the first few drops of coffee should be mixed with the raw sugar prior to adding the rest of the coffee.

National Coffee Drink: Cortado
Description: Simply an espresso with a dollop of milk foam.
Culture Tip: If you prefer your coffee with more milk, order a lagrima, which has a higher ratio of milk to espresso.

Australia/New Zealand
National Coffee Drink: Flat White
Description: They still argue over who invented the flat white but the Aussies and Kiwis definitely agree on one thing, it is not a latte. Espresso combined with steamed milk, no froth and served in a ceramic cup with a handle.
Culture Tip: A flat white should only contain micro-foam, there’s no place for macro-foam or dry foam in a flat white; this should be reserved for cappuccinos.

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Join us tomorrow for the concluding part of ‘Coffee Culture Around The World’.