Coffee Cleaning Products

Coffee in the Home

Coffee in the Home

We don’t like waste at rijo42 and as such we’re always looking for clever little ways of using the leftover coffee grounds from our bean to cup coffee machines. Coffee grounds are useful for all kinds of things, they can be a gardeners best friend, can be used in daily beauty regimes with amazing results and, as this post illustrates, can even be used as cleaning products.

Coffee grounds can be a superb household help, 100% natural, they can be used as a cleaning product, a deodoriser and even an insect repellent. When you enjoy a cup of rijo42 coffee, remember to save the grounds and try using them around your home in any of the following ways.

1. Put down the scourer and chemical cleaners, try using a handful of coffee grounds for your pots and pans instead.

2. Make sinks gleam by scrubbing with coffee grounds (non-porcelain sinks only)

3. Use a handful of coffee grounds to remove burnt on food from your hob, oven and microwave

4. A small bowl of coffee grounds placed in your fridge will absorb any nasty odours

5. Coffee is a great deodoriser, if there is an unpleasant smell in your home leave a dish of coffee grounds around to deodorise

6. After food preparation rub coffee grounds on your hands to remove strong odours such as onion

7. Keep pests out of your home by sprinkling coffee grounds where any ants or slugs may get in

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