Coffee and Chocolate – Celebrate UK Chocolate Week

Summer’s over, and it’s a long time until Christmas – so UK Chocolate Week (10 – 16 October) is on its way to cheer us up. There are events held nationwide, culminating in The Chocolate Show, 14-16 Oct at Olympia National Hall, London. Coffee and chocolate have a natural affinity, so help celebrate the UK’s love affair with our favourite sweet by offering extra chocolatey treats for your customers. Here are some suggestions.

Flavoured coffee syrup

Offer customers a measure of chocolate syrup in their coffee.  This adds depth and flavour, and won’t make drinks too sweet. Alternatively, how about a house special of chocolate espresso – espresso with a spoonful of dark chocolate shavings added?

Hot chocolate

If you usually offer hot chocolate, then expand your menu with specials such as deluxe (with marshmallows and cream), or flavoured versions. If you don’t normally offer hot chocolate, then the rijo42 MiniChoc machines is a perfect way to add it to your menu.


Few people can resist the pairing of chocolate and coffee, so during Chocolate Week why not get creative? Offer customers chocolate brownies or cookies with their drink. You could also combine the two flavours with chocolate-covered coffee beans, or chocolate coffee gateau – chocolate cake sandwiched with alternate layers of chocolate and coffee buttercream.

Chocolate facts

When did the British love affair with chocolate start? Humans have been consuming it for around 4,000 years, and the scientific name for the tree that chocolate comes from, theobroma cacao, means ‘food of the gods’. For most of its history, chocolate was a drink rather than a food, and the first bar as we know it wasn’t invented until comparatively recently in 1847, by Joseph Fry. There are now hundreds of brands and varieties available to suit all tastes.

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